Business Development

As an early stage company, Assuage Pharmaceuticals recently launched its efforts to identify potential partners who can help the company grow, and achieve its objectives of bringing effective new options to people who want to stop smoking.

The company is focused on completing its remaining IND enabling studies, manufacturing, filing its first IND, and beginning a Phase I trial for its lead compound. A phase I trial could begin early to mid-2020. Opportunities exist for collaboration or partnerships in the US and abroad on a broad range of activities, including research, clinical development, commercialization, and manufacturing.

Assuage employs a capital efficient model and maintains a small core staff of experienced professionals. A network of experienced contract research and manufacturing partners are supporting the company’s efforts. Our goal is to maintain operational efficiency and to maximize the value of each research dollar. As a virtual entity, the company either has direct access to the necessary clinical, business, scientific, and regulatory expertise necessary to successfully commercialize its products.

By focusing first on smoking as a significant unmet medical need, and introducing products that are safer and more effective than currently available options, , we believe that our clinical trial program can be more efficient and potentially less costly than traditional drug development programs. With positive clinical trial results and accelerated FDA review, a NDA ready package is possible in just 4-5 years. An exit or liquidity event is possible in 3-5 years.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might work together to bring new alternatives to people who want to quit smoking in the US and in other major markets around the world.